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Pronto’s strategic partnership with the American Association of Colleges & Universities empowers member institutions to improve student engagement and retention by offering highly discounted pilots, waived implementation fees, and partner pricing discounts for initial contracts. Want to learn more? Share your information and we’ll be in touch!
The American Association of Colleges and Universities is a global membership organization dedicated to advancing the vitality and democratic purposes of undergraduate liberal education. Through programs and events, publications and research, public advocacy and campus-based projects, AAC&U serves as a catalyst and facilitator for innovations that improve educational quality and equity and that support the success of all students.


Connect instantly with chat and video.

Today’s students need convenience and flexibility. With Pronto chat, students can ditch outdated communication methods and begin chatting with teachers and peers instantly– from any device.
Need to talk? No problem! Pronto’s perfectly designed video tools promote student learning and success through dynamic video calls and live-streamed lectures that can be viewed at any time and from any location.
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Campus Announcements guarantee important messages are seen.

Announcements are a one-way communication that can be shared in real-time or scheduled and sent throughout the term or semester. When announcements are sent, messages are pinned to the top of the screen– guaranteeing students won’t miss a thing.
Want to include more than just an update? No problem! Pronto’s Announcements feature can include photos, videos, images, or files. Once an announcement is viewed, it’s automatically stored so students can go back and review any message at any time.
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Groups keep communication simple and organized.

Pronto Groups keep messages organized so teachers and students can quickly access important information. With Groups, students can easily move from class discussions to shared content or group video calls.
No matter their device, navigating Groups is simple. In Pronto, Groups can be created through integration or manual creation– making it possible for students and teachers to create groups for studying, clubs, or other campus initiatives.
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Instant Language Translation gives every student an equal voice.

Every student deserves to have a voice. With Pronto’s instant Language Translation, students and teachers can write in their native language and messages will automatically translate into the preferred language of the recipient.
Instant Translation helps to break down barriers and promote understanding while saving teachers and students time by eliminating the need for manual translation. With Pronto’s Language Translation, every student now has a voice.
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Sharing and searching all in one place!

Getting students and teachers to adopt new technology can be tricky. With Pronto’s award winning design, content that is shared is automatically saved so students no longer have to search drives and emails to find materials. It’s all in Pronto!
The media library automatically stores content including photos, videos, links, and recorded meetings. Need context about what was shared? The “view in chat” feature allows you to see the attachment in its original thread.
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Built with care– protecting student and teacher privacy.

Nothing is more important than personal privacy. With Pronto, students and teachers engage without sharing personal or private information, keeping everyone safe while communicating.
Pronto exceeds privacy requirements and is fully compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other industry regulations. Organizational controls ensure information is accessible to those responsible while limiting access for others.
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