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Inclusion in the workplace has taken the spotlight in recent years as never before. Not only do you want to be sure that you’re including employees from diverse economic, religious, and racial backgrounds, you want to be sure that every employee in the workplace feels included. Collaboration works best when all of your employees can come together to communicate, share information, and go over ideas together. 

Pronto can help you build an open, inclusive workplace, where your employees feel more closely connected and more part of the system as a whole. 

Pronto Helps Enhance Employee Communication 

Communication is critical to improving overall inclusion within the workplace. In order to feel included and supported, employees must feel connected to both other employees and their management teams. With Pronto, communication is simple. Employees know exactly who they need to communicate with. They can connect directly and easily with their managers or with other employees around them. As a result, employees often feel more connected overall–and more like part of something larger. 

Pronto Makes It Easier to Provide Ongoing Feedback–on Both Sides 

89% of HR leaders note that clear and regular feedback is a critical part of employee engagement. Without that feedback, employees may struggle to know how they’re doing, what changes they need to make, and whether they are genuinely valued members of the workplace. With feedback, on the other hand, they can see exactly how important they are to the company as a whole. 

Pronto also makes it easier for employees to add their own feedback. Employees have their own needs and opinions about the things that are important to them, from how much they enjoy working for you as an employer to what benefits your company can offer them in the future. You may also want to invite feedback about specific projects or allow employees to share their opinions about new policies or changes to company structure. Employees who feel that their opinions are heard are 4.6 times more likely to perform at their best, which may mean that they can offer more to your company as a whole. 

Through Pronto, You can Get More Information About Your Policies Regarding Inclusion Impact Actual Workers Who are Members of Those Demographics.

Often, the people building inclusive policies in the workplace do so from a place of privilege. While it’s excellent when advantaged individuals take the steps necessary to increase inclusion in the workplace, you can’t know how effective your policies and practices really are until you ask people who are actually members of those specific demographics. Pronto can provide the vessel you need to open those conversations and get a better idea of how those policies are impacting your employees. 

Pronto can Help You Pull Together Small Groups of Employees for Better Communication and Collaboration

Pronto’s Groups feature makes it easy to assign members of your team to smaller groups, where they can communicate in a smaller, more intimate, and less intimidating environment. In many cases, employees who have struggled with inclusion in the past may prove less likely to speak up in larger groups, especially if they feel that they might have a different or less popular opinion. In a smaller group, on the other hand, those employees may prove more likely to share their insights and become part of the conversation. Over time, this can also make them feel like a larger part of the team.

Pronto can Make It Easier for You to See Bias When It Occurs in the Workplace

Are some employees more likely than others to end up assigned to a large-scale project? Do you notice that your teams are often made up of people from specific demographics, or that your employees are more likely to cluster together with others who are part of the same demographic they are? Often, simply observing these behaviors offers the first step in doing something about it. When you can see that bias–something that Pronto makes much clearer since you can break down employee communications over time and get a better idea of how they are most likely to occur–you can take the steps necessary to remediate it. 

Are you struggling with inclusion and openness in the workplace? Pronto can help. Contact us for a free demonstration of our communication platform and to learn more about how it can help you connect the members of your team in an open, inclusive environment where they will know their opinions are heard.