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Pronto is a leader in Business Instant Messaging on G2
Pronto is a leader in Business Instant Messaging on G2
Pronto is a leader in Business Instant Messaging on G2
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Have non-technical members of your team or organization?

Not everyone is comfortable with new technology. At pronto, we’re looking out for frontline workers and designed Pronto to be the most frictionless, easy to use communication product on the market.

Have teams that don’t work at a desk?

Most of today’s workforce either doesn’t work at a desk, or works remotely. Pronto is designed mobile-first and keeps you connected right from your mobile phone— even when you’re on the go.

Are your teams all using different platforms to communicate?

Experience the power of having your entire organization on one communication platform. Pronto covers the entire organization from top to bottom— from the executive suite to the frontline worker and allows you to send and receive critical organization-wide announcements that keep everyone on the same page.

Features for Frictionless Communication 

Instant chat

No more communicating through email, radios, or paper. Connect your employees through real-time text messaging.

Video calls/meeting

From 1-on-1s to 400 observers in a meeting, chat via video or audio-only, record meetings, share files or share your screen.

File sharing & unlimited storage

Share and store any file type—documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and more. All plans count with no storage limits.

Real-time chat translation

Improve employee inclusion by allowing them to confidently send and receive messages in their native or preferred language.

Read receipts

Monitor effective communication and ensure your employees are engaged and reading messages with our read receipt feature.

One-way announcements

Keep your entire organization instantly informed with our announcements feature to send one-way communications.

Task Management

Keep employees organized and accountable by tracking important tasks. Attach files, photos/videos, and assign due dates with auto-reminders for each task.


Pronto features screen readers, dynamic text, and more. Additionally, Pronto runs on over 10,000 unique mobile device types and is both WCAG 2.0 AA and FERPA compliant.


Pronto integrates with all reputable cloud storage repositories, including Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, and Google Drive.

Get access to the most frictionless and easy-to-use communication platform on the market.

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