Colleges need to be using digital tools to help their students succeed in the classroom. College students of this generation have grown up in an era of technology. From texting, to Facebook messenger, to video chat, they have been immersed in technological ways to communicate with their peers for most of their lives. They have had everyone in their immediate universe at their fingertips to communicate with immediately. From parents to friends, to coaches, to teachers. If they need to get ahold of someone it has been easy and immediate.

Being available to your students is vital for their success. Do your students know how to reach you? By email, phone, text, social media, course technology messaging? How long should they expect to wait to hear from you? How can your students communicate with each other for homework help or group projects? These are all things that you must know and in turn, you must make sure they understand on their end.

Once students understand expectations on how to communicate with their professors and fellow students how can they take advantage of that to be successful in the class?

One thing you can do is respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Students shouldn’t have to wait days on end for responses to simple questions. That defeats the purpose of having an effective communication plan. Let your students know when they can hear back from you so they can plan their communication accordingly. Do you answer messages between the hours of 2 pm and 6 pm? Should they expect a response within 24 hours? When they know what to expect and you deliver on those expectations the trust between teacher and student can build and they can and will feel comfortable reaching out and in turn will be more successful.

Another way to take advantage of communication technologies is to encourage students to rely on each other for help. This will take items off of your plate and will foster a sense of community between your students. Study groups, homework help, questions about information missed when a student is absent can all be gathered from their fellow students. When the students are all using a single communication hub they know where to go for the answers to these questions as well as who they should be reaching out to.

In this day and age, there is no real reason to not use communication technology to you and your student’s advantage. Your students live in a virtual world so giving them every opportunity to take advantage of that to be successful should be taken. Giving students these opportunities things will also allow you to be a successful teacher and mentor. Give your classroom every advantage to learn and grow and help each other and you will see the fruits of your labor earlier and more often. College is a time for growth and a frictionless communication hub will allow that to happen more easily and more often.

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