Encouraging the adoption of new technologies can be difficult. People get stuck in their old ways or prefer the status quo. Taking advantage of new technologies is vital to the success of your company though. So how can you get your team on board with using new technologies? Here are a few simple ways to promote the use of your new tools.

1. Select Strong Leaders

One of the most important things you can do is selecting leadership teams with a vision. Ones that can show the vision behind the acquisition and implementation of the new tool. They can persuasively demonstrate the companies position and why it is important for everyone to get on board with the new technology.

Being able to emphasize what is in it for the users is also key. What will they gain from learning about this new platform? How will it make their lives easier? Nothing gets everyone on the board faster than self-interest.

2. Easy Adaptation

This goes without saying but people are more willing to adapt to new technologies when they are easy to learn and use. If they get frustrated and angry when they first start to use it, it is much more likely to fail. No one likes to feel dumb or overwhelmed when they are learning new things. So choosing tools that are user-friendly will make the process go a lot easier for everyone.

3. Look Out for Early Adopters

These people can become your change agents by helping you spread the word throughout your teams and departments. Identify and reward them for the proactive attitudes to ensure they work hard to promote the platform and they are willing to teach those around them.

4. Make the Change Gradually

Try not to overwhelm people when changes are occurring. Don’t force it down their throat. Give them some runway to learn about the new tool and learn its best practices. The easier and more gradual the process the more willing your team will be to implement it into their everyday.

Rolling out new technologies doesn’t have to be painful. Just remember to put yourself in the user’s shoes and do everything you can to make the change, easy, fun, and rewarding. With some thought about how your team will react, you can create a plan to win over your most skeptical employees.