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Group projects: for many students, they offer a considerable point of frustration. Getting everyone together, trying to exchange phone numbers, and making sure that everyone stays on the same page can be a real challenge.

Fortunately, Pronto can help. With a number of features built with students’ needs in mind, Pronto can streamline project communication and make it easier for all group members to participate in the project. 

1. With Pronto, there’s no reason to exchange phone numbers or contact information.

Students don’t have to worry about chasing down that group member who wasn’t present in class when groups were assigned or giving out their personal contact information to people that they might not want to be in contact with in the future. Since everyone in the classroom is already in Pronto, it makes it easy for the group to communicate. Not only that, there’s no confusion over misspelled email addresses, miscopied phone numbers, or other communication barriers that often get in the way of group project success. 

2. Team members can be placed in groups by the teacher.

Teacher-created groups in Pronto serve two key purposes during group projects. First, those groups, since they’re assigned by the teacher, make it clear who is supposed to be in the project, which increases the odds that everyone will get involved. Second, Pronto groups are able to discuss, collaborate, and connect privately. Teachers can see what’s going on in those groups–and check back to see what contributions various group members have actually made to the project–but they’re kept private from the rest of the class, so group members can collaborate without sharing information or notifications with other classmates. 

3. Pronto offers a convenient task manager.

Who is supposed to be completing what tasks for the group project? Is there a specific timeline that group members need to keep to? Pronto’s task manager makes it easy to assign specific parts of the project to specific team members and track project completion. Not only that, it makes it easier for teachers to go back later and see who was supposed to take care of what part of the project, which can make it easier to see who may have dropped the ball.

4. Team members can chat directly in Pronto.

Pronto chat makes it easy for group members to collaborate on their projects as they have time throughout the day. While they may still benefit from in-person meetings, if teams are struggling with tight schedules, an illness that prevents one or more team members from meeting in person, or just difficulty scheduling, they can come together through the chat feature or even video call one another to ensure that everyone is able to participate in whole-group discussions. Pronto chat also removes the need to find a platform that everyone uses and is familiar with for group messaging, since everyone in the group has already learned how to use Pronto–and likely has it installed conveniently on the devices they use most often. Furthermore, with chat, team members can easily look back at past communications and information to clarify any questions they might have about the project and ensure that they will be able to take care of their parts of the project.

5. Pronto keeps all group project communications in one easy location.

Keeping up with everything going on in a group project can be a challenge. There might be a side chat, documents sent back and forth through email, and lists of assignments that various people are supposed to complete held in a different app entirely. Often, that makes it easier for a team member to lose track of the latest data or miss out on key communications, especially if they have to miss a meeting for some reason. Disorganized students may also have a hard time bringing together those varied pieces of information.

Pronto, however, makes it easy. The all-in-one platform keeps up with chat, video call, and task management all in one platform, which means that students know exactly where they need to go when they have questions about the details of a project. It also allows for easy document storage, which means instructors can upload vital content related to the project, like rubrics and instructions, and students can keep their project-related documents at their fingertips. 

Pronto makes communication and collaboration on group projects simple. It doesn’t matter if students are learning together in the classroom or dialing in remotely: Pronto helps bring them together so they can collaborate, learn, and grow