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For today’s businesses, a central communication hub is rapidly rising in importance. Many businesses have their employees juggling multiple apps, including several apps used for both internal and external communication. Unfortunately, that can cause some details to slip through the cracks–or leave your employees struggling to keep up with everything else going on.

A central communication hub can eliminate many of the challenges your employees face as they deal with the organization, manage communications with one another and external contacts, and try to remain engaged with the overall work experience at your business.

A central communication hub creates a more seamless communication experience.

Communication is often interrupted. Meetings get interrupted by other notifications or when someone else walks into the room–especially with more employees than ever connecting to the office from a virtual environment. Employees take time to respond to emails or messages from one another, especially if they’re already engaged in another task. Sometimes, employees may struggle to keep up with all of those communications, even forgetting what questions they’ve already asked and what platform they used to do it.

A centralized communication hub, on the other hand, keeps all that communication in one place. It’s seamless and simple. Your employees can easily locate the contact information for any member of the team with a few simple clicks. Since it all takes place in one location, it’s less likely to be interrupted–and if employees do have their communications interrupted, they can go back to them easily.

Choosing the right communication hub can also make many of those communications easier. Employees can, for example, carry a communication app in their pockets, which can make it easier for them to get quick answers to their questions and queries.

 A central communication hub better organizes communications between employees and ensures that they have access to all relevant information.

Keeping communication organized is an ongoing challenge in many organizations. Some employees struggle to keep up with how they last communicated with a colleague, client, or external advisor. Which message is the last one, and did it answer all relevant questions? Others may have a hard time dealing with incoming messages, including company-wide policy changes, changes in procedures, or answers to employee concerns. When those announcements come through on multiple platforms, it can prove difficult to keep up with the latest information–and some users might not see those communications at all.

A central communication hub, however, keeps that information organized. Users don’t have to worry about what platform they last used to talk to a colleague, since they already know which platform it was on. Communication apps like Pronto also simplify company-wide announcements. Not only can you push specific announcements out to your entire employee base, but you can also take a look at which employees have accessed them–and push employees who might not have checked out the latest information to log in and take a look at it before new changes take effect.

Centralizing communication helps increase employee engagement.

Employee engagement is an ongoing challenge across many workplaces. Employees may feel disengaged, leaving them struggling with decreased overall productivity. One of the challenges often associated with decreased employee engagement is excessive technology. In many cases, technology can offer immense benefits in the workplace. Sometimes, however, those apps and platforms can pose more trouble than they’re worth. Instead of offering benefits to your company, they can leave employees feeling as though they are engaged in constant juggling as they swap between apps. Notifications may pop up near-constantly. Worse, there may be conflicting information on different platforms, with no way to tell which one is the latest version.

A centralized communication hub can help solve many of those challenges. Instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed by a rising tide of information, employees can access all of that information in one location. They won’t have to go shuffling through apps to check which communication has the latest date or which one is the most likely to be accurate, based on other communications. Instead, they can utilize a single app to check all the details of their daily work responsibilities.

Using the right communication tool is critical for your business. With Pronto, you can offer your employees better overall engagement, increased organization, and a more seamless communication experience that keeps them in contact with everyone they need to connect with, without much of the hassle often associated with communication platforms–and all in one easy-to-use tool. Contact us today to learn more about our communication solutions and how they can benefit your business.