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Improve Student Engagement


Why Use Pronto at Your Institution?


Number of college students who feel they could benefit from more informational support


Percent of college students who meet with instructors outside of class just 1-2 times per semester


Percentage of students who never work on assignments with classmates outside of class

Clients Who Love Us

Here are just some of our happy clients who’ve benefited from Pronto.

By incorporating Pronto into your higher learning institution, you can:

Assign Students to Study Groups

Students who learn in groups are often able to learn more effectively than those who try to study or learn on their own.

Complete Group Projects Virtually

Remove potential barriers to student performance and make it easier for them to collaborate and work together.

Translate Content for International Students

International students may struggle more because of language barriers to learning. Pronto's Instant Translation feature can help remove those barriers.

Keep Students Connected to Faculty and Staff

Give students an open door to ask questions and get fast answers. By removing barriers to communication, you can significantly improve student performance.

Keep Students in the Loop

Make sure students always know what's going on with announcements about weather delays, changes in class plans and deadlines, and more.

Connect Students to Needed Resources

Provide documents detailing the resources students are most likely to need to deal with on-campus—and make sure they're always accessible.

Enhance Student Experience

Experience the power of Pronto and see the kind of engagement and connection your classroom is truly capable of!

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