Non-desk employees have long been classified as “hard to reach” employees. If someone is not actively engaged at their computer screen they can be difficult if not impossible to reach in urgent times. You can’t count on them being at a computer screen for 40 hours a week, and some of them don’t even work on computers, like factory workers, hotel staff, maintenance staff, etc … How do you stay in contact with them?

The most obvious way is in person. Physically walking to the person you are trying to reach and delivering your message that way. This is great in small amounts but having to take a long walk to try and find that person you will spend way too much time wandering your workplace and less time doing your job.

Texting them on their personal phone is another option. This is an issue because giving out one’s personal information to co-workers can make employees uncomfortable and can cause headaches for HR if the phone numbers fall into the wrong hands. It can also open up the company to have to pay for personal cell phones if they have to be used for corporate activities.

Email is another option but as mentioned above that is only useful for an employee that is actively engaged on their computer for 40 hours a week. If there is an urgent question or a time-sensitive event that needs to be discussed you can’t wait and hope that employee makes it to a computer or checks their email when they are on the computer.

Pronto is solving this problem by offering a frictionless communication hub for the everyday employee. Not for the corporate employee that is on their computer checking emails all day every day. But for the factory worker, hotel staff, maintenance team. For those that are out and about doing their jobs every day. They want to be involved and communicated with and Pronto allows that to happen.