As a company grows the more necessary it is for the departments and teams inside the company to communicate with each other. As the company gets larger and larger the more difficult this becomes.

The inability to communicate effectively inside the company can mark the beginning of the end for the company. One survey completed by the Society for Human Resource Management estimates that an average of 64.6 million dollars is lost by companies because of inadequate communication among employees.

Below are a few common communication breakdowns companies face and how you can combat them.

1. Company leaders don’t use or stick to an organizational chart

Without a defined corporate structure it is difficult the anyone in the company to know who to go to for what. This leads to balls being dropped and added interdepartmental conflict. Not having a defined org chart, that changes with the growing company, can affect company profits directly.

Knowing who is responsible for what is important for hiring, and planning company growth. Without clear lines and a clear plan, money can and will be lost due to unnecessary hires, poor hires, and non-tactical decision making.

Create an org chart and treat it as gospel. Your companies bottom line will thank you for it.

2. Company leaders don’t adapt to different communication styles

It’s should be common knowledge by now that everyone has a different communication style or preference. One major communication breakdown is management not knowing how to communicate with each employee differently. Team leaders must become versed in many different communication styles in order to bridge the gaps between employees and departments.

Whether it is because some employees hate self-assessment or because a broader interdepartmental or cultural issue has caused the rift, it is up to management to bridge the communication breakdown.  Managers need to be aware of their own communication styles and be self-conscious of how theirs affects others.

3. Teams have too many ways to communicate

Ironically sometimes a major communication blocker is having too many ways to communicate. When communicating with too many tools it is easy for messages to be lost, balls to be dropped, and business mistakes to be made.

Being able to have all your communication be on 1 or two platforms, like email and chat, is vital to keeping your teams communications in order. This keeps everyone on the same page and keeps the lines of communication open.

Smart and easy communication is key to running a successful company. Let Pronto show you how our frictionless communication hub can take your companies communication to the next level.