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Today’s workers, particularly in light of the pandemic, are pulled in more directions than ever before. Even as many businesses are bringing their employees back to work on a normal, full-time basis, many employees are still struggling with childcare responsibilities. Some industries are struggling with hiring an adequate number of employees to take care of their needs. Simplicity is key to maintaining communication, especially as employees continue to work from home or are prepared to head out on the road again to meet the latest demands of their jobs. One key to ensuring that employees can stay connected: mobile communication.

Employees need their communication to take place through a device they can take with them.

A meeting hits when employees are stuck in traffic on their way to another appointment. They need to dial in–and perhaps even planned to dial in–but if they’re restricted to an app that requires a desktop dial-in, chances are, they’re either going to be late to that meeting or have to sit it out altogether. Offering a mobile communication connection also offers another benefit: employees who are working from home can take care of other tasks around the house while still participating in the meeting since they can take their devices with them anywhere. 

Work/life balance has been a struggle for many employees for years–and that’s a struggle that will likely only grow worse in a post-covid society, where many people are looking forward to more time spent with loved ones or engaging in the activities they love most again. Mobile communication can help bridge the gap for those employees and make it easier to connect with the office when they need to be there, regardless of where they are physically.

Mobile communication means that employees can respond with ease to questions and queries. 

A mobile communication app issues notifications any time a message comes through and allows employees to respond quickly and effortlessly from anywhere. While employers must exercise care not to take advantage of this too heavily–more employees than ever are frustrated by the need for timely responses and connection to the office even when they’re off, especially as they move back toward their normal schedules–that quick communication can also make it easier for employees to respond while they tackle other tasks, whether at home or on the road. A mobile communication app can allow employees to, for example, issue a quick response even if they had to leave the office early to take care of home responsibilities or to see that they need to address a work concern while they’re taking care of other tasks.

Mobile communication options keep employees’ communications in one place.

As travel restrictions lift, many businesses are ready to start sending their employees out on the road again, whether they need to take care of a task directly on a client site or they’re planning to head out for a meeting with the home office no matter where it is in the world. As those employees head out, they need convenience and accessibility. Instead of juggling platforms and apps, they should be able to turn directly to the app they need to connect with one another. An effective mobile communication app has it all, from chat options and video call availability to document storage that will make it simple for employees to call up the information they need most from any device.

When they’re in the field, some employees don’t have the luxury of hauling around a bulky laptop–or they may not have time to open it up and deal with those tasks. Using a mobile communication app, on the other hand, can keep those employees connected and make it simple for them to access the data or past communications they need to finish a job or answer a customer’s query.

Utilizing a mobile communication option can help employees feel more connected.

Many employees struggled with isolation during the pandemic–a challenge that people who work from home or work on the road regularly have struggled with for years. They may have a hard time feeling as though they are part of things at the office–especially if other employees regularly communicate through a platform that they can’t access when they aren’t there. When everyone in the office uses the same mobile communication app, on the other hand, it can help all of your employees feel more connected.

Communication is a vital part of keeping your business running at peak efficiency. With an app like Pronto, you can connect more effectively with your employees and provide them with more communication options. Contact us today for a free demonstration of our app and how it can help your employees communicate.