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Adoption of new platforms is often one of the biggest priorities for your company. After all, you want to get what you pay for! Unfortunately, often, some of the most useful and important modes of technology, including communication, don’t provide a product that allows an easy adoption process for employees. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to make the most of the opportunities provided for you.

Does your technology have some of these key problems?

Employees don’t know how to use it properly (including using it in context).

One of the most critical elements of your new technology is that it needs to be presented to your employees in context. They need to not only learn how to use it, but they also need to learn how to use it as it pertains to their daily job duties. Often, however, employees do not receive the training and support they need to effectively utilize new technology and applications. They may receive only basic-level training, then end up having to figure it out for themselves, or they may not receive targeted, specific instruction in how to make the platform work for them.

Effective apps include instructions for use that will help employees learn how to use them effectively, as well as intuitive designs that make it simple for employees to figure out what comes next as they work with them.

Team members do not understand the importance of the specific platform for accomplishing their job tasks.

To start utilizing a new platform, your employees need to understand why they’re being asked to use it. They need to know the specific benefits. Does a new app help save time? Improve communication? Make it easier for employees to accomplish a task that previously required much more complexity or difficulty? 

Why, in short, should employees care about a new platform?

To make the platform successful in your organization, leadership must communicate the importance of that platform with the employees beneath them, then show them how it can help enhance their success rates and make it easier for them to accomplish their goals. A new platform should accomplish something that the old platform doesn’t, whether it offers better interaction between employees or provides a better opportunity for them to meet their goals. 

Leadership doesn’t get behind the new platform.

If you want a platform to work, and work well, across your workplace, leadership needs to get behind it. You can have a great, easy-to-use platform that solves several problems your team has struggled with for a long time, but if your leadership doesn’t get behind that new platform, chances are, employees aren’t going to, either. Lackluster leadership participation can leave employees wondering whether they will continue to use the platform long-term–not to mention the fact they may not feel that it’s very important if the company leaders aren’t adopting the new technology and moving forward with it.

Before launching a new platform across your business, make sure the company leadership is on board. Provide them with the training and tools they need to get started, then encourage them to talk it up to their employees and work with them to integrate it into their daily processes. Often, this simple step can go a long way toward letting your employees know just how important the new platform is for overall success. 

You aren’t listening to employee feedback or adapting to their needs.

It takes time to fully integrate a new platform into your workplace–and your employees are critical for driving that platform adoption. To make the best possible use of a new platform or program, your employees need to have their needs met.

What’s holding them back from adopting that new platform? The concerns your employees have may be unique to your business. For example, some employees may struggle with a missing feature (that they might be surprised to discover already exists in the platform). Others may have trouble learning how to use the new platform and need a little additional assistance. You may need to migrate specific content to your new platform to streamline operations. The key is listening to your employees and learning what they, specifically, need so that you can make sure your platform provides it.

At Pronto, we focus on making our technology easy to adopt and integrate into your existing business processes. Book a demo today to learn more about how Pronto can benefit your business–and how fast you and your employees can pick it up.