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In many organizations,  the older workforce may serve as one of the top barriers to adopting new technologies. Those team members may struggle to adopt new methods or to figure out new apps, especially if they do not fit well with the platforms and programs those users have been exposed to in the past.

If you’re looking for a communication app that will help scale those barriers and make it easier for your older workforce to adopt new technology, Pronto could be the ideal solution for you.

Pronto has a simple, intuitive design.

Pronto is designed to be user-friendly. It has an intuitive design reminiscent of the platforms your users have engaged with in the past, which makes it simple for them to pick up Pronto and start taking full advantage of it. It requires little to no training to use it effectively, since all the options are right there, laid out in an easy-to-understand manner.

There are no hidden menus, no complicated processes to weave your way through before you can start using the platform, and no hurdles that could prevent older workforce from adopting Pronto and making the most of it. In fact, most users of any age can pick Pronto up and start using it immediately, particularly if they have used any type of communication app or platform in the past. 

That simplicity is critical for the older workforce, who may have a hard time making use of complicated features or weaving their way through a maze of menus just to change a single setting. Instead of making communication unnecessarily complex, Pronto helps break down the process, making it more accessible to older users in the workplace.

Pronto helps make face-to-face communication more accessible to virtual users.

Many older users prefer face-to-face communication over text messages and emails. They struggle with that lack of inflection or inferring information in text format. They may also have more trouble following tech-related guidance via text, since they may have more trouble understanding those basic platforms.

Face-to-face communication can help remove many of those barriers. While Pronto can’t transport other users directly into that person’s office, it can do the next best thing: offering them a video chat option that makes it simple to walk them through the process. Unlike a phone call, the user can easily shift the field on the screen so that you can see exactly what options you have or where they’re struggling–and as a result, you can use that information to help walk your users through the next steps or to provide vital advice. Meanwhile, they can see your facial expressions and hear the tone in your voice, which may help convey additional information.

Pronto keeps all of your communication contained in a single platform.

Keeping up with communication can be a struggle for team members of any age. When you have countless messages going through your business every day from a variety of platforms and sources, it can be difficult to maintain awareness of exactly what you need to do next–or where a particular communication came through. Was that a direct text message, or a communication from your usual internal communication platform? Which platform was that discussion on, again?

With increased age, team members may face even greater struggles when it comes to dealing with internal and external communications alike. Pronto helps keep those communications all in one easy-to-access place. It also provides the ability to record and share meetings and video calls so that your team members can refer back to them later–which may make it easier for some team members, particularly elderly ones, to keep up with the information shared in those meetings or to access it later if needed.

Could Pronto solve your communication challenges?

If you’re looking for a new communication app, chances are, you’ve already identified potential communication barriers within your organization, from difficulty keeping all team members on the same page to trouble adopting new apps and communication strategies. Pronto makes a variety of communication options simple, whether you want an ongoing group chat with members of the team or you’re looking for a video conferencing solution that is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Getting your older workforce on board, however, can pose more of a challenge, especially if you’re considering a complicated messaging system or trying to teach them how to use a solution that does not integrate with your existing platforms. 

Fortunately, Pronto could be just the solution you need to enhance communication across your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our easy, intuitive options, or to schedule a free demonstration.