Reduce Summer Melt with Virtual Communities

As higher education grapples with COVID-19, student enrollments are at unprecedented risk. It’s up to institutions to help their first-year students get the support they need while building a sense of belonging with the campus community. Pronto supports virtual communities and on-demand communication so students can feel confident and connected ahead of fall start.

Guide & Support

Pronto groups let your staff provide resources and on-demand answers to student questions on registration, orientation, and financial aid processes.

Connect Campus

Departments, programs, and clubs can invite students to online groups where they can explore what your community has to offer, even if campus is currently

Build Belonging

Creating Pronto groups for student cohorts, e.g. “Class of 2024”, invites students to build authentic, social peer relationships that can grow across semesters.


  • Group organization
  • Live or asynchronous chat
  • Announcements
  • File sharing & storage
  • Group video chat
  • Text, multimedia, gifs,
  • Tasks & to dos
  • Scalable, reliable, compliant

Human interaction matters.

Many incoming students are facing a chaotic summer ahead of an uncertain future and are grappling with both personal and financial challenges.
These students need encouragement and guidance that’s more than just email or SMS. They need to feel cared for and supported, using modern yet simple apps that make communication convenient and social. This is why we built Pronto, to make the educational experience more connected, more engaged, and more human.

LMS Partners

“…colleges and universities should double down on student outreach over the summer.”

“More Cause for Concern About Fall Enrollment”, Inside Higher Edi, April 28, 2020

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