You have probably never had a single day in the office, let alone life, where you are not communicating and sharing. When those conversations are held under different roofs, or are using many different tools it can get messy. “Did I remind me wife to pick up the kids?” “Did I get the design request into the art team?” “Who was supposed to pick up the dog at the vet?” “Did we get that contract returned?” Having to look into more than one communication platform to find the answers to these questions is cumbersome and will lead to errors.

A decade ago there were only a few options to communicate. Now there are literally hundreds, if not more, different platforms for both the consumer and business world alike. Cutting out the clutter is vital for healthy communication in anyones life. From text, to video, to voice, to apps, etc … there are many ways we can choose to communicate with one another.

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you are on the right track with your communication tools.

1. Determine if you or your organization already has too many tools to communicate effectively

If you are reading this blog you probably have too many tools already. If you are wondering if you have too many tools you definitely have too many tools.

If each team or each member of your family is using a separate communication platform then you are going to have issues. Missed messages, confusing conversations, topics lost in translation. The issues are endless.

Pick a tool and stick with it!

2. Decrease redundant tools

Look through your communication tools and pick the 1 or 2 that are the most effective and are the easiest to use. Then stick with them! Don’t make this more complicated than it needs to be. It will be better for everyone in the long run if you can de-clutter your communication toolbox.

3. Use the best tool for the job

Email, text, IM, video chat, messenger apps, technical communication hubs. They all have times when they would be the most effective way to communicate. Know what they are best used for and only use them for that. Once again K.I.S.S. is a great acronym for this.

Use chat or IM if you need an immediate answer to a question.

Use email when you are sending a letter to one person. Group emails can swell to unnecessary members and the dreaded reply all can muddy the waters so email is best left for person to person communication

Use social for general messaging to the masses. Do not use social messaging for 1 to 1 communication. It would just be duplicating a tool that you should already be using. Keep it simple.

Pronto is solving this problem by offering a frictionless communication hub for the everyday employee. Not for the corporate employee that is on their computer checking emails all day every day. But for the factory worker, hotel staff, maintenance team. For those that are out and about doing their jobs every day. They want to be involved and communicated with and Pronto allows that to happen.