4 Student Engagement Strategies for Higher Education

College or university is that first chance at freedom for many young students. They’ve just left home and are adjusting to the responsibility of having to feed themselves, make it to class, do homework, and communicate with their professors all on their own. Although more students are choosing to gain a higher education, 70% in fact, the number of students being engaged while in college is staggeringly decreasing.

1 in 5 college freshman doesn’t stick around for their second year. It doesn’t seem like high education student engagement officers are truly evolving their engagement strategies to meet the needs of anew generation of students.

Here are 4 student engagement strategies for higher education that more colleges should be implementing:

Recognize every student as important.

In a survey done by the University of Washington where only 1 in 5 responded, 41% said they felt isolated and alone. Students who had left college remarked on how it felt like no one had even noticed. There’s a need for student engagement professionals to seek out and find these students (and realize that a low grade does not mean disengagement) and offer them opportunities to become more involved in the college community.

It’s more than just one week of welcome.

Students are often still running on the dopamine of being fresh on their own during that first frosh week of school. The reality of their new life takes a little longer to settle in. It’s important to find new ways of continuing that welcoming feeling consistently throughout the year. Organize events, create chat groups, and talk to students who are the most engaged to get them out there bringing more in.

Bring fresh eyes to the engagement committee.

If you look around at those who are planning and strategizing over engagement and there are no young faces, how can you be sure that any of the ideas you implement will work? Reach out to your college community and bring in some students who are actively connected to college life. These new sets of eyes can see areas of improvement faster and can brainstorm ideas that will work because they are students themselves.

Realize that the new generation of students is mobile-first.

It’s very rare to find a student without a smartphone. Our young generation who are now entering college was born in a time when cellphones were already a normal part of life. You are far more likely to engage with students through their mobile phone than through email. Students will actually spend approximately 20% of their class time on a mobile device. Now imagine if you could utilize that mindset to connect with these students.


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