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Solar energy has become increasingly popular for both businesses and private homeowners. It offers an excellent, natural solution for energy production and can allow users to capture and use their own solar energy, cutting energy costs and improving the eco-friendly nature of their homes. Selling solar, however, is often a complicated process that involves teams in the office along with teams out of the office in the field. 

Pronto can help you sell solar panels more effectively. 

Pronto can help connect the office to its selling teams.

Your company is made up of two primary groups: employees in the office, who take care of the daily workflow; and team members in the field, who take care of selling, installation, and more. Those two teams, using traditional communication methods, might struggle to stay in contact with one another.

With Pronto, on the other hand, your team members can stay in much more regular communication, whether inside the office or out. There are several ways Pronto can enhance that vital communication and help your teams stay better connected.

Pronto allows your office staff to quickly push out announcements and mass communications.

Sometimes, you may need to share a large-scale communication with your teams all at once. You may need to make changes to your pricing structure, or you might have come across new technology that makes it easier for you to achieve your goals–or cuts costs for you and your customers. In bad weather conditions, you might need to recall employees in the field or let them know what steps you want them to take next. You might even simply want to offer information about the field team’s latest goals and objectives. 

All of those announcements are simple to send out through Pronto. Simply input the information you want to share, then push it out to the entire team. You then have two options: enable responses, which will allow employees to quickly and effectively discuss any questions or challenges they have with the content or choose not to allow responses, which will help keep the office staff’s dashboards clear.

Pronto allows your field team to quickly connect back with the office and get immediate responses to questions, including questions from customers.

When you send out emails or text messages from the field, you often have to wait for a response from a specific individual–and when customers have questions that could make or break their purchase decisions, that wait could mean the difference between a sale and a decision to wait on the solar services you have to offer. Pronto, however, allows field members to quickly connect back to the entire office team, which can make it easier for them to get the answers to those vital questions–and increase the odds that they’ll be able to make the sale.

Pronto makes it easier to organize field employees.

Your employees in the field may take on some tasks, including both sales and installation. They may need to visit specific neighborhoods, often within a specific time frame. They also need to revisit homes where owners needed more time to think about their solar needs or where the homeowner might not have been home at the time of the initial consultation. 

Pronto makes organization and deployment easier. With Pronto, you can keep all of your employees’ information organized in one easy-to-access location. Team members can share their notes about specific projects or neighborhoods, including information like the names of neighbors and what questions homeowners might have about your solar options. Then, team members in the office can add notes, answer questions, or deploy other team members to help deal with areas that might not have enough coverage.

Motivate Your Teams Through Meetings

When most of your workforce is out in the field every day, it can be hard to bring your employees together for meetings. Solar salespeople who have to come into the office for a meeting may lose vital time that could otherwise be spent approaching customers. With Pronto, however, you can set up meetings at times that are convenient for your team members, then offer them the tools to connect to those meetings from where they are.

It’s ideal for all of your employees. Employees in the office can connect directly from their devices and their offices, without having to gather together in a specific meeting room, while employees in the field can dial in from their vehicles, from a cafe, or even from the convenience of home. Instead of having to shut down their operations for the day and come into the office, a process that could take several hours out of their schedules, they can simply connect from wherever they are, then get back to work. 

Meetings can offer several advantages to your team.

Provides a regular dose of motivation.

Sales can be extremely draining, especially if you’re going door-to-door and hearing rejection after rejection. With Pronto, you can hold regular meetings to help motivate your team members, which can help increase their overall productivity and their ability to connect with customers.

Keep everyone on the same page.

It can prove difficult to keep salespeople on the same page, especially when they’re never in the office at the same time. With Pronto, however, you can go a long way toward ensuring that all of your team members have the same information and that all of them are prepared for whatever challenges or questions they might face. In your meetings, you can invite feedback, give team members the chance to share any questions they might have, and make sure that all the members of your team have all the information they need to make their sales practices more successful.

Keep your team connected.

A sales team out in the field can quickly feel very disconnected from everyone else around them. Your solar team may find themselves wondering if they’re actually serving a purpose or struggling to feel like part of the greater whole. With Pronto, on the other hand, you can help every salesperson feel like the important member of the team that they are.

Enable More Sales

With Pronto, you can help keep all the members of your sales team connected and on the same page, which can ultimately help improve your sales. It shouldn’t matter which of your salespeople approaches a specific homeowner. With the right information in hand, if the homeowner is interested in solar and ready to move forward, your salesperson should be able to make a sale. Pronto makes it easy.

Information at your team’s fingertips

With Pronto, your sales team can keep all the information they need about your solar projects and installations at their fingertips. How long does it take to install solar panels? How much energy can the average solar panel collect? What is the average energy savings homeowners experience when they make the switch to solar–and how long does it take for those panels to pay for themselves? Your buyers may also want information about things like locally available rebate programs, which could be just the incentive they need to make that final choice in favor of solar power. 

Pronto keeps all of that information handy–and allows you to update it with ease. If homeowners have questions or are ready to make buying decisions, they can quickly look up that information in stored documents.

Better organization

With Pronto, the members of your sales team can easily decide who needs to go where, what ground they need to cover, and where they need to go next. They’re connected to one another as well as to the office staff, which means those team members who are struggling to cover their full territory–a challenge that could just mean that they’ve made more sales than expected–can turn part of their route over to someone else nearby, while those who cover their routes faster than expected can pick up additional areas. It also means that teams can more easily track where they’ve been and who they’ve spoken to, including what property owners might not have been at home to hear the sales pitch–and make sure that others can reconnect with those homeowners that they missed the first time through.

Quick connection to others on similar projects

Solar sales and installation can involve a lot of questions. Fortunately, with Pronto, team members can connect with ease. If one team member figures out a tactic that works particularly well, they can share it with others. If a team member has questions, it’s simple for them to get answers from one another–and all from the convenience of a single app. 

If you’re looking for a communication app that will help bring your solar team together, improve motivation, and increase sales, Pronto could offer just the solution you’re looking for. Contact us for a free demonstration of our communication platform and how it can benefit your solar business.