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Pronto is dedicated to helping your organization improve productivity and connectivity. Not only does Pronto allow you to easily communicate with your entire team at the same time, but it also allows you to break your business down into groups. Pronto Groups helps streamline communication for individual departments and makes it easier for team managers to keep up with everything their teams are doing. 

Are you using Groups effectively? There are several types of groups you may want to consider–and with Pronto, you can easily assign team members to more than one group, allowing them to segment communications effectively.

Segmenting Your Teams

As you set up your groups in Pronto, start by segmenting your teams. Chances are, your business is already segmented into specific departments. Sometimes, those departments may need to interact to more efficiently get the job done. In other cases, however, each department may need to have its own internal communications, which will allow team members to share ideas, track progress on projects, or simply chat with one another throughout the workday.

At Pronto, we have several key categories for our teams, including Corporate Marketing and Sales Operations. Each team has its own group in which it can communicate without interfering with other communications taking place externally. Your specific groups may vary depending on how your business is structured and how different departments interact with one another.

Breaking Down Projects

In addition to allowing you to segment your communications according to specific departments, you may want to consider the value of breaking down your communication groups into specific projects. Take a look at who is involved in specific projects, especially those that cross departmental lines. You may find that the most effective way for employees working on those projects to communicate is for them to have their own group in Pronto: a place where they can keep all the information about that project in one easy-to-use location.

The Benefits of Groups

Using Groups in Pronto allows several advantages for your team members as they work on their assignments and projects.

Keep All the Information in One Place

When you’re working on a project, you don’t want the information about that project scattered across multiple locations and platforms. With Pronto, you can keep everything in one easy location: the documents you need, the communications about the project, and even chat threads. Groups are also ideal for helping your departments deal with the information they need to share with one another daily since it keeps them located in one simple-to-access spot.

Keep Information Secure

You don’t want team members to have to dig through layers of communications about projects they aren’t involved in–and you certainly don’t want them to be able to access confidential client information about clients that they don’t even work with, since that could unnecessarily increase the security threats to your organization. Instead, consider the value of segmenting project communication by assigning a specific group to each project. Then, team members can only access the information they need to get their specific jobs done.

Make It Easier to Access Project-Specific Information

Where is the information about that project, or the communication about the concept that you’ve been working on? How far up the communication thread is that document? When projects are segmented, it’s easier to access information about a specific project, which can streamline workflows and improve efficiency as your team members search for the information they need.

Encourage Connection

When team members have a question or simply want to drop an observation about a client they’ve been working with or a project they’ve been working on, Groups make it easy. Instead of sharing their observations or their questions with the entire company or even the entire department, Groups allow team members to keep those communications between the members of the team who are actively working on a specific project or with a specific client. In many ways, that can encourage communication and connection, making team members feel more engaged and more like they’re part of something, instead of feeling shut off. 

Groups are just one of the ways that Pronto can enhance communication across your organization. With Pronto, you’ll often find that it’s much easier to engage with your team members, separate them into specific groups for better communication, and offer them the tools they need to connect with one another and improve their awareness of everything that takes place in the company. Contact us today for a free demonstration of our communication platform.