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Regardless of your company size, you need innovative strategies to improve its performance and survival. The economy is constantly evolving, and companies must find smarter ways to remain relevant. The need for innovation has therefore skyrocketed. How then can you use communication software to foster an innovative culture in your company? 

Here are 4 incredible communication strategies that will help drive innovation in your company.  

Take advantage of communication tools to establish multiple streams of information dissemination

You need a more cohesive and inclusive communication system in your company to enable you to reach a bigger audience. It will also ensure that all stakeholders in your business are included in the communication process. This includes employees, senior executives, support staff, and clients. 

An excellent way to establish multiple communication channels is by diversifying how you share information. Fortunately, several types of communication software can help you do this. 

For instance, you can use instant messaging applications and chat tools to reach your employees and clients. Additionally, you can hold meetings with your staff at any time of day, regardless of their location, using video meetings.  

Multiple communication channels in your company drive innovation by ensuring that everyone stays informed. Communication software enhances how you dispense this information. Plus, these channels make it easier for lower-level employees to communicate with senior executives. 

Improve information-sharing using discussion forums

This is a vital aspect of communication strategies within your company. Sharing information in the workplace is essential for growth and innovation. Discussion forums provide a good place for your team to share information, ask questions, and seek clarification. 

These forums are a good place for experienced workers to share insights with new employees. It also gives your team members a platform to share their innovative ideas without fear. 

On these platforms, your team will brainstorm different innovation strategies needed for your company’s success. 

Likewise, you can use these platforms to confirm that external and internal communications are in sync. Your company needs to have a unified mindset to drive innovation. Such a platform encourages unity hence providing an opportunity for innovative ideas to grow. 

Similarly, the platform gives your employees a sense of unity. A unified internal communication line puts everyone on the same page, with a single mindset of driving the company forward. 

Keep your employees in the loop using alerts and notifications 

Your employees need to know about any important decisions you make on behalf of the company. A simple way of doing this is by using alerts and notifications. This helps keep your team informed of any development in your company in real-time. 

If you are relying on email to pass information, that’s great. However, sometimes you require a more social way to pass information across. Your staff may not get important announcements on time because they may get lost in emails.  

To improve your internal communication and communications strategies system, consider using notification tools to pass information quickly. An effective internal communication system encourages innovation. With such tools, your staff does not have to worry about missing any company information. Lower-level employees can also pass messages to executive staff using these tools. 

Keeping your staff in the loop encourages innovation as they are motivated to take part in any company’s projects actively. It gives them the assurance that you value and trust their opinion. This, in turn, builds employee engagement. You will be surprised how innovative your team can get. 

Encourage open communication with and among your employees 

Open communication lines in your company provide a nurturing environment for innovative ideas. Communication software and tools make it easy for your employees to communicate with each other, with customers, and with you. This software also motivates employees to do more because of how efficient it is. 

Communication software also helps your team stay up-to-date with company announcements and news. Social intranet software, for instance, provides a platform for your employees to access relevant info about the company, ask questions and connect with other employees. 

You need not worry if your remote employee speaks a language different from yours. Instant chat translation software will help you communicate with them. You will be able to engage with them efficiently, thus making them feel included, appreciated, and valued. Such employees won’t be afraid to share any innovative ideas they may have because of a language barrier. 


Effective communication with your employees is the key to unlock their creative innovation ideas. To encourage this in your organization, consider incorporating software and communication tools. Schedule a demo with Pronto on how communication software drives innovation.