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Online communication dynamics are changing rapidly–both as a whole and within many specific industries. Online communication is not only convenient–it’s now critical for many organizations. Not only that, the way people choose to communicate has changed immensely. Is your business prepared to adapt to and embrace many of the changes coming your way? Make sure you’re familiar with these changing online communication trends and how they could impact your business. 

Asynchronous online communication is becoming increasingly important.

Many businesses are no longer using immediate communication models to connect coworkers and customers alike. Instead, they’re embracing the benefits of asynchronous communication: a simple strategy that can keep employees throughout the company informed of important measures or allow for collaboration regardless of where people are and when they check-in. 

Employees need mobile access to communication technologies.

With hybrid work schedules becoming increasingly important, many employees are connecting with work while on the go. They’re managing the needs of kids at home, whether those who cannot yet go back to school or those who are out of school for any reason. They’re heading out to take care of errands, but still willing to stay connected to the office. Many employees will even try to stay connected while on vacation or while dealing with internet outages and other challenges at home. As a result, mobile communication options, including apps that can easily transfer from mobile to desktop, have become more important than ever. 

Employees need digital access to company documents and information from anywhere.

Today’s employees can–and do–work from anywhere. Many companies are transitioning to a hybrid work schedule, rather than bringing employees back to the office full-time. As a result, those companies need to provide equal access to important documents regardless of when employees connect with the office. A platform that makes it easy to share documents and collaborate from a distance has become more important for many businesses than ever. 

Real-time communication is as important as ever.

While asynchronous communication is a critical element of modern communication, many businesses are also seeing the vital importance of real-time communication. Sometimes, you may need to share information with as many people as possible, all at once–or enable them to go back and watch a recording of that content later. Other times, you may want to have secure, safe collaboration options that will bring together employees working in the office with those working outside it, all in a seamless, streamlined way that will allow for enhanced collaboration even when team members cannot come together in person. Real-time video chat options can provide a platform that will allow employees to connect with one another regardless of where they are–a particularly important option for employers who are considering hybrid work options for their employees. 

Virtual events are becoming increasingly important for many industries.

As an internal communication option, that virtual event may mean a virtual training or conference, which will bring employees together with their coworkers or others in their industry without requiring them to gather in person. Throughout 2020, virtual events replaced many in-person options. While some of those events may have the potential to return in person in the future, that doesn’t mean virtual events will be going away. Virtual conferences and presentations offer many advantages that companies are taking advantage of, from cutting travel costs to increasing the number of people who can participate.

Interactive internal messaging can help boost employee relationships and improve that sense of connection.

Many of today’s working professionals long ago learned that they could develop relationships with people they had never met in person as they connected online via chat rooms and message boards. Throughout 2020, many employers learned that virtual platforms can provide their workers with the same opportunities. With internal message boards or messaging options, employees can develop deeper relationships with one another, improving their teamwork. Making that internal communication simple and keeping it on the same platform you’re already using for other team building and communication options can also make it simpler for employees to connect with coworkers, removing barriers to their needs. 

Online communication has changed dramatically as a result of pandemic-driven needs. Out of the need to transfer to a virtual work environment, many companies have adapted their communication styles–and others are still finding the ideal way to connect with workers throughout the company. Pronto can help enhance communications in your company and keep meetings, internal communication, and even document sharing all in one easy-access location. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your internal communication goals.