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Door-to-door sales have changed immensely over the past few years, as technology has improved. Once, door to door salespeople had a hard time connecting back to the office. They might have no idea what actually happens at the office, especially during an average workweek. Instead, they might simply connect with the office every week or every month–especially if their sales practices take them out of town regularly.

Modern technology like Pronto, however, can improve the connection between your employees and your office as well as improving your ability to bring all of your employees together in one location. Pronto doesn’t just enhance communication. It transforms it–and with Pronto, you can improve your door-to-door sales successes as never before. 

Hold more regular meetings.

Holding meetings with a door-to-door sales team can prove incredibly difficult. After all, they may have to spread out to a diverse range of neighborhoods across the local area or even across the state–or more–as they head out to make sales for your company. With Pronto, however, bringing those team members together may be more simple than you think. Instead of bringing them together in person, you can simply bring them together in an online meeting. Pronto makes it simple for large groups, small groups, and everything in between to get together. 

Improve the sense of community across your business.

When you hold regular meetings, team members feel more appreciated and more as though they are part of something. Employees who feel like an integral part of your community, even if they’re out on the road, are more likely to be engaged–and engaged companies have around 21% more profitability than companies whose employees are generally disengaged and struggling to pay attention to the tasks at hand. 

Encourage employees with motivational meetings to start the day.

Door-to-door sales can feel incredibly difficult, especially for employees who have encountered rejection after rejection. With regular meetings through Pronto, however, you can provide employees with the motivational boost they need to experience higher overall levels of success at work. Get them engaged, get them excited, and prepare them to head out and tackle whatever might come next in their days. 

Give employees the chance to discuss any changes or challenges they might be facing.

Sometimes, you might push out company-wide changes that influence the way your salespeople do business. They might need more information about the latest changes to your business or your products. They might face unexpected challenges, including the people they interact with or the way people are perceiving your business’s products in light of specific changes to the business. In meetings, you aren’t just pushing out static announcements. Instead, you’re giving employees the chance to discuss those changes, provide their own feedback, and work together to come up with solutions to the challenges they might face along the way. 

Provide employees with feedback and assistance (and invite them to give their feedback, too).

Employees are, in general, much more likely to feel valued and appreciated when they receive feedback from their management teams. Regular feedback is one of the most critical things you can do to keep your salespeople happy and make them feel like a part of the larger company team. However, feedback–from both sides–also has some key advantages. 

Giving your door-to-door salespeople the right feedback can help them improve the tactics they use and increase their connection with customers.

Good salespeople often aren’t born with those skills, but they can learn them. Some salespeople will learn them on the job. In other cases, however, you can coax your door-to-door salespeople through some of that training, gradually providing them with more information and feedback that will help them get a better idea of how they can make those vital sales. You can offer specific feedback after hearing about difficult cases or offer advice when a salesperson seems to struggle to get in with a particular neighborhood–and often, that guidance can help turn a difficult day into a success story. 

Inviting feedback from your salespeople can help improve your existing tactics.

Your salespeople are on the ground in your local community. They’re the ones who are talking to customers and getting a feel for what customers are looking for. They know what can help them get a foot in the door and what people simply don’t respond to. If you never have the chance to sit down and talk to your door-to-door salespeople, however, you–and your marketing team–might be missing out on that vital information. Pronto can help improve your ability to connect with your salespeople, which means you’ll have more information at your fingertips. 

Through Pronto, you can connect your door-to-door sales team directly with the office.

While you equip your salespeople with as much information as possible, they may not always know everything that you know–including facts and information that could transform their ability to make a sale, especially to a specific customer who proves more difficult to win over. Your salespeople may know your products well, but they may not have all the answers–or they may not have the authority to make critical decisions that could move a customer from the consideration stage to the decision stage on the spot. With Pronto, you can connect those salespeople back to the office and to the people who can make those decisions. 

Ensure that your salespeople can get fast answers to their questions.

If a potential customer has a question that isn’t answered in the material your salespeople have on hand, how can they get answers to those questions–and get them fast, so they can help convince that customer of the value of the product? With Pronto, they can either get direct access to a specific individual in the office who might have those critical answers or send out a query to the office as a whole, which may make it easier for them to get fast answers when they need them most. 

Get authorization for discounts, free services, and add-ons faster.

Sometimes, a customer might need a little extra incentive to move forward with your business: a discount on that first service, a free trial, or even an add-on that usually doesn’t come with your product offerings. With Pronto, your salespeople can connect directly to the office and get the information they need about those options–and permission to move forward with them–quickly. 

Make your salespeople feel more like they are part of a team.

In a traditional door-to-door sales setup, salespeople might rarely, or even never, have the chance to meet one another or create a sense of connection between them. They might face the same challenges as they work with customers but never have the chance to discuss them. With Pronto, however, you can help every salesperson feel more like part of a team.

Encourage chat activity.

Pronto allows team members to easily chat with one another throughout the day, especially when they have breaks between customers. That regular chatter can create a deeper sense of connection at work and increase overall satisfaction for your workers, who may, as a result, feel more connected to the business as a whole. That chat activity is also a great way to blow off steam after a hard day or make sure that every member of the team has the right information. 

Allow salespeople to help one another with those vital sales.

Sometimes, one salesperson may have a suggestion that can make it easier for others to close sales. For example, they may have a strategy that can improve the odds that they’ll make a sale or a suggestion for getting through to more difficult customers. Frequently, by working together, they can raise sales for the company as a whole. 

Easily share data, announcements, and more.

Pronto makes sharing information with your field workers easier than ever. With Pronto, you can quickly and easily push out key data, share announcements with your team, and ensure that everyone has access to the documents they need most right there in their pockets. 

Make sure team members are keeping up with announcements and feedback.

Not only does Pronto make it easy to send out announcements to the entire team at the same time, but it also makes it a snap for you to see which team members have actually looked at those announcements and keep up with them. 

Allow team members to access vital data and documents.

Keep all the documentation your salespeople need right there in Pronto, where they can access it with ease. Store documents, data, and even product information sheets where your team members can get their hands on them quickly. 

Are you looking for a communication tool that can enhance your door-to-door sales efforts? Pronto could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today for a free demonstration.