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Company communication is an integral part of any company’s success, culture, and growth. An organization usually consists of continuous interactions between multiple parties, such as managers, employees, suppliers, and customers. Effective communication ensures everyone understands their duties and responsibilities, helps build quality customer relationships, and keeps your employees engaged and productive. 

However, communication failures can negatively affect both your internal and external operations, and result in a bad reputation among customers. A bad reputation will automatically drive your business down and lead to turnover problems as well. Thus, you need to prioritize effective communication in your company if you want to ensure employee satisfaction and promote high performance. Here is how to know that communication in your company needs some fixing. 

Employee Disengagement

Effective communication is about fostering engagement between different parties involved within your organization’s day-to-day activities. Employees form an important part of your company and usually determine its success. When there is a communication breakdown, you will notice a general disengagement among employees. This is usually characterized by employees’ poor performance in the workplace because their attention is distracted. Also, they have no mastery of the company’s vision, core values, and business objectives. When employees are disengaged, there is a lack of motivation to discharge their duties and you’ll easily notice delays across different departments. Further, when you see these signs of employee disengagement, it means that your communication requires some fixing before it’s too late. 

When employees are engaged, they will adopt the vision, values, and purpose of the organization. They also become passionate contributors, innovate problem solvers, and work collaboratively. To solve the issue of employee disengagement, you may want to try out a video conferencing and messaging platform that allows them to communicate easily. Such a platform also helps your remote workforce to join others during virtual meetings. Pronto is an effective communication hub created for the everyday user, and can efficiently be used to solve disengagement problems in your company. 

Employee Turnover

Companies that suffer from a lack of constructive interaction most likely have no defined communication strategies or tools in place. This can lead to misunderstandings, stressed employees, suppressed innovation, as well as reduced profits. When companies don’t make much effort to establish an internal communication platform, employees usually feel out of touch with their work environment. Eventually, people will be pushing to leave your organization for other companies with a more constructive communication culture. 

Once poor communication has destroyed key areas of your business, employees will start leaving and you’ll notice high turnover rates. If you notice increased turnover in your company, then it’s time to fix communication problems. You need an application that allows your employees to communicate seamlessly, hold meetings effortlessly, and send instant work-related messages. When you fix communication problems, employees will passionately be willing to remain and be part of your business growth. 

Constant Misinformation Due to Lack of Company Communication

If you notice constant misinformation in the workplace, then there is a major problem in your communication channels. The information coming from the managers should be able to reach every employee accurately and precisely. However, when an organization consists of broken communication channels, the information is usually altered before it reaches the end-user. For instance, in the absence of effective communication structures, rumors can spread across the organization like wildfire from a given office and distract employees from their core tasks. Gossip also has the capacity to undermine your company’s values and negatively portray employees. 

To solve these kinds of challenges, you need an effective communication platform that guarantees the accuracy of information across the whole organization. When you use a platform like Pronto, the information released from top management reaches every employee instantly and creates no room for misinformation. Everyone in the organization gets access to accurate information and develops a culture of effective and efficient communication. Providing employees with effective communication solutions, such as a collaborative platform like Pronto, will boost their performance and help your business run more efficiently. 

Lack of Feedback

If you communicate specific information to your employees and lack feedback from them, that is a sign of broken communication. An effective communication culture should allow everyone in your organization to communicate freely and easily. If you communicate a specific message, you should get feedback from the intended people almost immediately. Immediate feedback is a positive sign of a well-engaged workforce. Feedback also highlights employee’s weaknesses and strengths, and areas that require improvement. To fix this problem, you need a communication platform that allows your employees to communicate in real-time. Pronto is a platform that offers you the ability to communicate with employees and receive their feedback in real-time. 

Better Your Company Communication

At Pronto, we offer you a communication platform that allows you to maintain conversations between scheduled video meetings, build your workplace community, and foster better connections across the company. Kindly request a demo to learn more about Pronto and how we can help to transform your communication culture.