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When you bring new employees into your company, you need to take them through the onboarding experience: a chance for them to get training materials, meet the leaders in your company, and assimilate to new company culture. That onboarding process, however, is patchy in many organizations–even though you may bring in new employees regularly. You want to make sure that your new employees have access to all the information they need and that they feel like part of a team as soon as possible. With Pronto, you can streamline the onboarding process, create a deeper sense of connection between employees, and better prepare them to become productive members of your team as soon as possible. 

Place employees in training groups. 

Whether you have a large number of employees joining your company at the same time or you’re onboarding a couple of employees at a time, put them in a training group in Pronto. There, new employees can:

  • Access stored training materials
  • Chat with one another, which can help them get answers to their questions faster
  • Connect with a mentor who oversees the training group, which can make employees feel more confident about asking questions or addressing potential concerns

Being part of a training group can also help new employees feel more connected to the company as a whole, which can help them feel like a more valued part of the new company. 

Make it easier for employees to get answers to vital questions. 

It can take an average of three months for employees to go through the onboarding process and become fully functional members of a new company. One of the biggest challenges many employees face is access to information: if they have questions, they may not know who to connect with or how to get those answers, especially if someone is out of the office. With Pronto, however, new team members can communicate more easily with the members of their team, which makes getting those answers easy. Instead of agonizing over whether they can realistically ask a question or are struggling to find the right person to ask, new team members can quickly put those questions out there–and get back to work more easily. 

Introduce the team through video chat.

With video chat, it’s easy to introduce the members of the team, whether they’re remote, on the go, or simply so busy that they can’t connect during normal times. Meeting new team members face-to-face is critical to improving that vital sense of connection to the company, especially for new team members. With Pronto, however, new team members can get face time with your existing team–even if they’re separated by time zones, miles, or simply convenience. 

Host virtual training sessions with ease. 

Globally, around 16% of employers are fully remote, and an estimated 62% of employees work remotely at least part of the time. A large percentage of employees are more interested than ever in the benefits of working remotely. Remote onboarding, however, brings with it some unique challenges–including the fact that employees aren’t in the office to go over those vital modules. With Pronto, however, you can easily conduct virtual training sessions, which may make it easier for your employees to take in the information they need and become successful, productive members of the team. 

Connect employees with a mentor.

Give employees a direct line to a mentor who can guide them through their early days in the company: someone who can help answer their questions, smooth out introductions to other team members, and make it easier for the members of the team to connect. With Pronto, team members will have easy access to their mentors through chat or video at any time of the day, which can make it easier for them to get the vital answers they need to feel confident in doing their jobs. 

Your company onboarding experience is a critical part of introducing new team members to your business and your team. With Pronto, that onboarding experience is more streamlined and comprehensive, helping you ease your new team members into the position of fully functioning employees faster and more easily. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and learn more about how Pronto can work for you.

 When new employees get hired, normally there is some sort of onboarding experience. This is when they get training materials, meet the leaders, and assimilate to company culture. Through Pronto, this experience can be streamlined. For example, new hires can be put in a training group, where all training material has been recorded and stored.