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Keeping your sales force during the off-season, when you may not have work for them until the next year, can be incredibly difficult. Your sales team may fall away, look for other opportunities, or simply forget about the opportunities your business can offer them. Keeping your sales team, however, can offer incredible advantages to your business. When you can keep your summer sales representatives through the offseason and bring them into your business again next year, you can save considerable time and money on recruiting, training, and other critical expenses. 

Pronto can help enhance your connection to your summer sales force and increase the odds that those team members will remain with your company in the coming year.

Connect the Members of Your Company

Some of the best memories and moments the members of your sales team have with your company are with their coworkers. They remember standing alongside a teammate and laughing about an inside joke or working together to achieve their goals. As summer comes to an end, however, those memories may start to fade. Team members may not think about what happened over the summer, especially if they don’t have any reason to think back on it.

Pronto, on the other hand, helps keep those team members connected and thinking about one another. They can continue to chat, share information with one another, go back over those inside jokes, and remember what it was that made working for your company so great. As a result, when summer rolls around, you’ll still be at the top of their minds–and that makes them much more likely to come back to work for your company again in the future.

Maintain Company Culture

Your company culture is critical, especially if you’re offering primarily seasonal work to your employees. You need an incredible company culture: one where your employees are supported, guided, and connected throughout the year. 

With Pronto, however, you can easily maintain that vital company culture and ensure that the members of your team remember what it is that makes your company great. You can:

  • Encourage learning and development. Allow employees to ask questions and support one another even during the off-season, when they may be engaged in other projects. 
  • Allow chat and connection about the things that matter to you. Team members can share information about their latest pursuits, chat about their hobbies, or assist one another in finding future professional opportunities. 
  • Share useful information with your employees. If there are resources available to them when they’re working for you over the summer, make those resources and documents available to them over the offseason, as well. 

In addition, Pronto allows you to keep up communication with your employees, which can help remind them about the vital elements of that company culture throughout the year. Your sales force chose to work for you for a reason. By keeping your company culture at the front of their minds during the offseason, you increase the odds that they will return to you for the coming sales season.

Provide Year-Long Training Opportunities

When you have seasonal employees, you have only a limited amount of time to train them. They may have a very short period to get up-to-date on the latest information about your products, standards, and goals before they need to start selling. With Pronto, however, you can provide your employees with year-round training opportunities: options that can keep them learning, developing as a sales team, and building the vital skills they need to become a more effective sales team even during the offseason. 

  • Bring team members together for training and development sessions through video chats. 
  • Provide access to training videos after the conference comes to an end.
  • Connect interested employees with additional, outside training opportunities. You might, for example, let them know about upcoming seminars or connect them with upcoming classes that might benefit them as they continue their sales career. 

Offering training year-round doesn’t just benefit you by providing you with a better-trained sales force that is ready to get up and running as soon as the sales season starts again. It also provides your sales team with a broader range of useful skills that can help set them up for success in their future careers. Many sales team members will take advantage of those training opportunities so that they can add them to their resumes and skillsets. 

Pronto has successfully helped many seasonal sales teams remain connected, increasing team members’ connection to that seasonal opportunity and increasing the odds that they would come back for the next year. Can we do the same for your sales team? Contact us today for a demonstration.