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Every Enrollment Matters.

Pronto’s mission is to help institutions recruit and retain students by connecting and engaging students throughout their journey— from matriculation to graduation and beyond.

Pronto connects your entire campus, giving students unprecedented access to faculty, classmates, and institutional support services right from their mobile device.

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Fewer students enrolled in the US since 2020. Declining enrollments ranks as the top challenge facing institutions today.


Of students rank stress, anxiety & loneliness as biggest challenge to completion— ahead of cost, academic rigor, or internet access.


Students are five times more likely to say their education is worth the cost when they have excellent support to connect their education to their future career

The Pronto Suite

Helping Schools Recruit & Retain Students

Engage. Excite. Matriculate.
Pronto for Recruiting lets prospective students skip the typical sign-up process and instantly connect with peers and your recruiters.

Recruiter-hosted webinars, campus visit planning, and direct, digital dialogue with recruiters are all part of the experience. Pronto for Recruiting creates Immediate engagement and community-building with recruits that endures from matriculation to graduation.

  • No more paper forms
  • Accurate & verified student contact information
  • Better engagement with recruiters & community
Connect your faculty to your students and your students to each other.
Pronto for Classroom automatically syncs with your LMS to create groups for each class—connecting students with their peers and professors via chat, video chat, and announcements.

Classrooms become powerful, communal spaces for faculty to share information and for students to ask questions and receive help, ensuring that they enjoy a stronger relationship with their teachers and their peers. Pronto for Classroom ensures that students feel like an important part of something bigger than themselves.

  • Instant access to help from teachers and classmates
  • Saves teachers time answering emails
  • More connected students = higher completion rates
Make your campus a community
through graduation and beyond.
Pronto for Campus solves connection gaps and brings your campus culture and community to life. It can integrate with your campus LMS and SIS, giving you deep insights into your students that you can use to help them navigate to groups, clubs, career paths, and networks that will elevate not just their college experience, but their future.

Right from their mobile device, your students can message their counselors about their class schedule, meet with mental health professionals via video chat, receive notifications from the Financial Aid department, get campus-wide announcements you send out, or communicate with the clubs and associations they belong to. The communities and networks built by Pronto for Campus endure through students’ entire campus journey and beyond, setting them up for career success.

  • Reach your Students– no more unread emails
  • Connect Students to Services, Clubs, Communities & Administration
  • Help Students build networks
  • Turn Campus into a Community


Campus Announcements ensure your communication is read.

Announcements are a 1-way communication that can be scheduled out in advance and can include different forms of media as well. Announcements are pinned to the top of the phone screen, ensuring that your students and staff read them.

Announcements can be sent to the whole institution or specific populations at your school and can include media such as videos, images or files.

Connect Face-to-Face
with Video

Students can connect with Teachers, Advisors, Mental Health Counselors, Study Groups or simply watch a live-streamed Class through Pronto’s dynamic video conferencing solution. Stream one-to-many or hold group video sessions to stay connected to project teams, clubs or other campus communities.

Groups keep communication organized.

Pronto Groups keeps all communication organized and quickly accessible. Students can hop from asking a question about the assignment inside their Classroom Chat, to messaging their Mental Health counsellor to set up an appointment, to planning a tailgate party with their student club, to a 1-1 Office Hours chat with their professor….all right from their phone.

Instant Translation gives every student a voice.

Pronto translates every message into your own native language. That’s right, type in whatever language you feel comfortable communicating in and it will be automatically translated for your recipient. Pronto Translate evens the playing field, giving every student a voice.

Grow your network without sharing your personal information

Pronto keeps your private information well, private. Students can connect with classmates, professors and administration while keeping their personal information private and secure. Pronto makes networking safe and more effective than ever before.

Chat, File Sharing & Search built the way students like it.

Getting Students to adopt a platform can be tricky. Pronto is designed similar to most popular social apps, so students and faculty ‘get it’ immediately without any training required. Pronto’s award-winning design team builds intuitive solutions that delight users and keep them engaged on the platform throughout the week.


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