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There are plenty of challenges in today’s higher education classrooms. This makes teaching in classrooms increasingly difficult for teachers, and the student’s success rate takes a downward trend. Management processes need to be geared towards tackling the real challenges encountered by teachers and students in higher education classrooms. Addressing the common challenges can not only help improve retention rates but also enhance students’ success rates, as well as the ultimate quality of education. Here are the challenges in today’s higher education classrooms and how to tackle them. 

Classroom Size

Most higher education institutions have classrooms that are busting out of the seams. Schools are sometimes forced to lift all class size limits to accommodate students that a school’s system can afford to keep. When the classroom is small, students cannot properly study in a crowded place and understand concepts properly as they are supposed to. The environment is not conducive for studies and this can negatively impact the student’s ability to understand classwork. 

If a school decides to build more classrooms to accommodate a larger number of students, the issue of enough teachers arises. The school will need to outsource more teachers who can handle all the available students in different classrooms. This will eventually strain the school’s financial capability. Also, accessing qualified and professional teachers is another issue that arises when the number of classrooms is randomly increased. This is the reason why higher learning institutions should shift to video conferencing as a competent mode of teaching. Teachers can then use video-conferencing platforms like Pronto. Pronto connects teachers and students via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly.  

Lack of Time for Planning 

Teachers in higher learning institutions are continually faced with the major challenge of completing their syllabus. This is because teachers are required to handle various roles within the classroom. Some of these activities include updating subjects to new demands, correcting teaching materials, managing field trips, as well as bringing in new creative approaches that can meet present educational trends, among other responsibilities. 

This means that teachers are finding it difficult to handle multiple roles in classrooms. They don’t have enough time for planning and meeting every student’s needs. Preparing, planning, and executing tasks expected from them adds a lot of pressure due to a lack of enough time. However, if teachers were allowed to handle their classes through conducive platforms like Pronto, time management would not be an issue anymore. 

Balancing Student’s Learning Needs

The type of students in a classroom will always be different and they have diverse learning needs. Meeting all the needs similarly while approaching a particular curriculum becomes a major challenge for teachers in higher learning education. Sometimes, teachers are required to apply different teaching strategies to satisfy a slow learner or a quicker learner. This means that teachers might be forced to bring in a lot of creativity and diverse strategies within the classroom’s limited time. These extra activities and strategies also require additional preparation time from teachers. 

However, using an application like Pronto will allow teachers to teach seamlessly and also share extra materials, such as videos that make the concepts clearer for students. Teachers are not faced with a classroom environment where they can easily get distracted by different activities taking place there. 

Encouraging Students to Work Outside Classrooms 

What students do in classrooms is usually a fraction of the effort that needs to be put in for academic success. With this in mind, teachers are subjected to the immense pressure of having students put in extra effort outside the classrooms. This is mostly because classrooms are designed to look like the only serious learning environment for students. Students still have found no proper incentive to deal with this issue and a significant number still neglect their responsibility to learn outside classrooms. 

Teachers are looking for a way to encourage students to learn while they are not in classrooms. Through video conferencing options like Pronto, students get to understand that they can learn by themselves without the supervision of teachers in the classrooms. This automatically drives them to study while at home or other remote locations. This approach will boost the effectiveness of teachers and generate better results for students. Pronto is designed to make online learning frictionless, easy to use, and keep teachers’ and students’ information organized. 

 When compared to classrooms, Pronto conversations and information stays organized and are easier to access. Unlike other consumer chat apps, Pronto can integrate and has enterprise-level security, privacy, and administrative controls. This makes Pronto an ultimate learning platform for teachers and students. Kindly request a demo today and get started.