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Pronto is constantly looking for ways to upgrade its services and provide better support to its users. The latest feature added to our arsenal: Search. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that you have a specific piece of information stored somewhere in your communications, but not being able to refer back to it. Now, you can easily search through the communications in Pronto and the files contained on your drive to locate critical files, communications, or comments, allowing you a greater overall degree of organization. 

Find the Content You Need, When You Need It

With the new search feature on Pronto, you can easily search through both past communications and files based on specific keywords or search terms. This may mean searching in a variety of ways: referring back to conversations with a specific user, looking for information about a specific event, or searching for a specific client and the information needed to provide them with a higher standard of service.

With the new search feature, you can reassure yourself that you got the right information and didn’t miss out on any important details, double-check deadlines and specific meeting times, and even go back and check the contents of a specific conversation, all from the easy search feature. Instead of having to dig through page after page of information, you can easily go directly to the content you need most. You don’t want to have to waste your time digging through old conversations, skimming through pages of information in the hopes that you’ll find the right reference. Instead, you can simply search through keywords and go directly to that content. 

Feel More Confident in Your Information

Whether you’re using Pronto for a business or in the classroom, it’s important that you feel confident in your communications. Employees and students alike need to know that they have the right information. Sometimes, they need to double-check to avoid anxiety, even if they’re relatively certain that they’ve got the details right. Other times, they may need to go back and reference specific information to ensure that they have the data they need or that they did not misremember details. Often, your communications may include highly specific details, from numbers and statistics to contact information for customers, all of which your recipients need to feel genuinely confident about before they move forward with a report or connect with a customer. 

The new search feature means that confirming details is as simple as searching for those keywords. With the search feature, employees and students may suffer less overall embarrassment when they have to double-check information–as well as avoiding potentially costly mistakes. 

Reduce Errors

Being able to search for information at need makes it easier for your representatives and your students to reduce overall errors. Sometimes, if they cannot find the right information, they may just take their best guess and move forward. When they can search for that information directly, on the other hand, they can double-check it on their own, without having to wait for someone else to access that data. Students, in particular, may be reluctant to ask for confirmation on information they already have, especially if they fear it will make them a “burden.” With the search feature in Pronto, they can now look back at that information directly. As a result, you may notice fewer errors in reports, fewer errors related to deadlines and assignments, and fewer overall challenges in keeping up with important information. 

Easily Present All the Details

Sometimes, you may need to refer back to a conversation to provide evidence related to future interactions. For example, as a teacher, you may need to show that you have made every effort to communicate with a particular student who did not put in the effort needed to pass. When dealing with employees, you may need to show that they were specifically provided with certain types of information or that they were asked to take care of a specific task. Without an easy search feature, you may be left digging through a lot of conversations to find the specific references you need. The search feature, on the other hand, makes it easy to go back and look at specific conversations. 

The new search feature on Pronto is a game-changer for many organizations. Thanks to the search feature, every member of your team can have access to the information they need, right there at their fingertips. Are you interested in learning more about Pronto? Contact us today for a free demonstration.