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Advancement in communication technologies has made it possible for businesses to access critical data that helps them to shape their culture. It is likely that your organization has a work-from-home policy, or at least offers the option of remote work for employees who need to be in the field making sales or meeting your customers. If your organization has employee data, collected via a video conferencing and messaging platform, you can gain key insights into your business that can help you to improve overall business productivity. As an innovative platform, Pronto has several unique features that help you to gain key insights from your employee’s usage data. Here are key insights you can gain from Pronto’s usage data.

Insights to Help Craft Effective Internal and External Communication 

Pronto helps your organization to understand its employees by providing information on how they operate, with limited silos, and levels of engagement. This approach extends to open communication between one department and another. Employee insights gleaned from collected data and feedback can be the catalyst to bring your business teams together. To drive change and take improvement actions, you can use the collected conversation data to identify areas of improvement. This data is both applicable to internal and external conversations that involve your organization or business. 

You will be able to understand internal communication gaps and make sure the same doesn’t translate to external communication with customers and suppliers. If employees are not communicating adequately within your organization, they might also be less willing to engage customers externally. Thus, communication data provided by Pronto can help you boost both your internal and external communication. 

Provides Engagement Insights 

Engaging employees is critical for retaining valuable talent in your organization. Employee engagement is also an important factor for their satisfaction. A disengaged workforce can potentially spell doom to your business and make you lose customers. Disengaged employees are also likely going to leave their jobs and leave your company with turnover challenges. When employees are properly engaged, they are more likely to be motivated and remain committed to your business. This means it’s important to know the level of your employee engagement to help prevent having a dissatisfied workforce. 

With Pronto as your primary communication tool, you’ll gain access to employee usage data that helps you to understand the level of their engagement with your business. Pronto provides employee usage data that touches on the number of employees attending your video conferences as well as those using the messaging feature. This helps you to compare the number of employees attending critical meetings and the exact number of your workforce. If you realize that a certain department is not attending virtual meetings as expected, you can follow up to identify the underlaid issues leading to lower turn up. You can then take the necessary measures to improve employee engagement in that department. With a high engagement level, you will reduce both turnover and hiring costs. 

Insights into Business Culture 

Communication is important in shaping the business culture within your organization. Communication data can prove to be very valuable in understanding your culture and areas that require rectification. Effective business communication is how employees and management interact with each other to reach organizational goals and be more aligned with the core company values. The main purpose of communication-based culture is to improve organizational practices, eliminate silos, and keep employees informed about every aspect of the business. Thus, accessing comprehensive communication data can help you develop and sustain the desired business culture among your employees. 

With Pronto, you have access to employee communication data that provides these metrics. Pronto allows you to see the number of meetings you hold in a given time frame, how regularly employees and management communicate with each other, and the popular topics discussed. To achieve a specific culture, communication needs to be regular and constructive. Therefore, in case the number of virtual meetings is trailing the expected amount, you can encourage different departments to hold more meetings. The more employees communicate, the more they will be aligned to your organization’s vision, mission, and key objectives. 

Improve Upon the Strategic Vision

Through communication data, you can improve upon your organization’s strategic vision. You can use the data to understand how employees perceive your company and areas that require clarification. In case you find out that employees don’t understand your strategic vision properly, you can then develop techniques for enhancing their understanding. Also, you can streamline your vision to fit your organization’s future. 

Pronto gives you access to messaging data that helps you to understand all these perspectives. You will comprehensively capture your employee’s mindsets. With this information, you can help everyone in the organization position themselves better along with the strategic vision. 

 Now that you understand insights you can gain from Pronto’s usage data, let’s know how we can help you get started. You may try Pronto today for free.