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As Pronto works to improve its user interface and upgrade the user experience, a new tool has emerged: replies and threads. Now, instead of responding in separate messages that might not tie together well, users can reply directly to a specific message, creating a thread. Threaded messages offer several advantages to your internal company communications. 

Threaded Messages: Intuitive Design and User Convenience

Threaded messages are a native interface that users are already familiar with as they use their text messaging apps and other platforms on their phones. They know how to use threaded messages–and rely on it when sending text messages, using other communication platforms, or sending out email messages. The intuitive design of those messages means that users are more likely to instinctively understand how they work and how that function may impact their ability to connect with one another. 

Improve Communication Organization

Organizing communication is a critical part of ensuring that users can keep up with messages, from internal messages shared with one another to larger message chains. Suppose, for example, that you send out a large announcement to your entire company base. That communication may share vital information that users need to do their jobs: a change in processes, for example.

Someone replies with a question, which you answer. Your answer, however, may get lost in the shuffle without a communication thread–or may not really make sense out of context. As a result, you may need to phrase communications very differently or put the message together in a different way to keep them in context. Sometimes, that may mean that it takes considerably longer to put together those messages since you will need to refer back to previous communications to establish what you’re talking about. 

Replies and threads can also make it easier to refer back to individual communications. Often, your team may have multiple chats going about various projects, deadlines, or announcements. You may need to keep communications about those different projects separate so that the details don’t get shuffled or so that you can refer back to them easily. With replies and threads, you can easily separate and organize those communications–and refer back to them later if you need them. Employees can easily figure out which thread they need to check in with, whether that means that they need to include information on a specific thread, ignore communications from other threads while they deal with a specific problem, or check a given thread for the information they need. 

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Sometimes, it can be difficult to establish exactly what channels you need to use to communicate a specific concept or message. For example, suppose that a company-wide announcement is sent out. Employee A has a question. Where should that question go? With communication replies and threads, Employee A can simply respond to the initial announcement. That communication will remain attached to the initial thread, which means that all users can see the thread. 

Employee B responds to the message, as well. Perhaps Employee B needs clarification, or maybe Employee B wants to know how that announcement will impact a very specific area of the business. Other employees might not be interested in that response, so they do not need to continue to follow the thread–especially if they already have a solid understanding of the concept and know what to expect. On the other hand, employees who do want to keep up with the thread, or who have additional questions, can continue to follow it and participate. 

Make It Easier to Find Relevant Information

By keeping threads together, including allowing replies, we have made it much easier for employees to find the specific information they’re looking for. Need all the details about a specific client or project? It’s probably in the thread about that project. Combined with Pronto’s new search feature, replies and threads can help streamline communication efforts and make it much easier for employees to check in and find the things they need to know. Replies and threads will also help ensure that employees can see all the information related to a specific conversation, customer, or project in one place, rather than having to search through multiple communications to make sure they have all the information.

At Pronto, we’re always working to help improve our app and provide more features that can help enhance your internal communication efforts. Want to learn more about how Pronto can benefit your business? Contact us today for a free demonstration.