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Whether you have a growing remote workforce, have offices in multiple cities, or work with a team of professionals who travel often, video conferencing and messaging are critical for your business. Video conferencing helps you to engage remote workers, collaborate across departments and locations, interview job candidates, and manage suppliers, among other applications. Having a platform that combines video conferencing and messenger gives you a seamless communication platform for your business. Kindly read on to understand why video conferencing plus messenger tools built-in one platform is game-changing. 

Helps You to Stay Organized 

A platform with video conferencing plus messenger tools built in one place, helps you to stay organized. You’re able to easily evaluate and recheck specific ideas, relevant documents, and conversations stored on the platform. This kind of platform also helps employees to create functions or project-specific discussions seamlessly. 

This essentially means that employees can discuss everything that requires their attention without having to incorporate other external platforms. Pronto is one of the platforms that provides a user-friendly interface with both video conferencing and messaging capabilities. Unlike email, Pronto conversations stay organized and are easier to access. 

Creates a More Engaging Platform 

Participants in a platform that incorporates both video conferencing and messaging ability are more engaged than those that use platforms with a single feature. Users of platforms with just messaging or video conferencing capability usually tend to zone out and multitask because they feel disconnected from other members in the meeting. However, with both video conferencing and messaging ability, users usually maintain virtual eye contact, which translates to superior levels of engagement. With each conference member being visible, people are more inclined to use their communication skills practiced during face-to-face conversations. 

Offers Flexibility 

If you have ever tried to schedule a meeting with more than three people and tried to get those people in the same place and at the same time, you already know the level of challenge involved. With an application that consists of both video conferencing and messaging features, employees have the opportunity to choose the feature that works best for them. Some people prefer messaging to video conferencing, while others feel comfortable with video conferencing instead. 

With video conferencing, it doesn’t matter where meeting participants are located, they have the freedom and flexibility to attend the meeting from the respective locations. If you have a presentation for a large group, you can record it using the conferencing technology and make it available later for people via messaging option. Thus, video conferencing plus messenger tools built in one place offers users the flexibility to choose from the two options for their communication. 

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Employees who remain happy and maintain a perfect work-personal life balance are usually the most productive ones. For instance, constant business travels from one place to another can have a major impact on your employee’s overall productivity. Replacing these travels with video and messaging helps boost both employees’ productivity and performance. This means that an employee doesn’t have to travel to attend a meeting when they can join the meeting from their location. 

When your employees have access to both video conferencing and messenger tools in one place, the job turnover is also driven down. Working from home has proven to be very effective and efficient for both organizations and their employees. Using an application like Pronto ensures that your employees have access to advanced technical support. The convenience of video conferencing and sending messages helps employees to gain more control over their work timings. With a chatting platform, you can make your employees feel more connected.  

Improved Business Culture 

Communication forms a key part of your business’s culture. If all your communication isn’t done via a single platform, employees may exhibit varied experiences. Some applications are poorly developed and don’t offer people the best user experience they require. If communication is not planned and streamlined properly, it can possibly hamper the overall functioning and productivity of your business. When your video and messaging are done via a single platform, employees will likely encounter similar experiences and help them form a specific business culture.

In a video conference, the tone of voice and body language help in developing your business culture among employees. The real-time connection offered by Pronto promotes successful working relationships in a virtual space. This can also help to improve trust and loyalty among employees by contributing to healthy business culture. 

Pronto is a communication hub created for the everyday user. It connects people via chat and video, so they can learn faster, work smarter, and communicate seamlessly. Kindly request a demo to learn more and get started.