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In the construction industry, ongoing communication is critical. Things can change in the blink of an eye. You have quick-moving projects, teams who are constantly on the go, and needs that can change in what feels like the blink of an eye. Keeping everyone connected can feel incredibly difficult, especially if you have multiple projects going at the same time or you’re trying to manage employees across multiple shifts.

Here’s the good news: Pronto is built for companies that have teams in the office and teams in the field. With Pronto, you can enhance communication with all of your employees and make it easier for you to ensure that all of your team members and subcontractors are up-to-date on the latest information. Take a look at how Pronto can help your employees thrive in the field.

Organize Projects Easily

There are a lot of details that go into managing a construction project. You have to keep up with the materials you need, anticipated delivery dates, which subcontractors are coming in on which dates (and in which order), and a host of little details that are critical to ensuring the success of your project. Not only that, you have a client overseeing the project whose opinions and needs may change in what feels like the blink of an eye.

With Pronto, while you may not be able to prevent weather delays or predict when clients will change their plans mid-project, you can organize all of that relevant information. Keep up with your state’s latest safety mandates, keep all of your project plans in one easy-to-access location, and organize all the data your workers need to create a high-quality project that will reflect the specific needs of your clients to the best of your ability. Pronto allows you to store files and access them from wherever you are, which means your employees can easily access that information on the go.

Send Out Information to Your Team Members Quickly

Sometimes, you may have announcements that need to go out to all the members of the team quickly. There’s a weather delay coming, and you need to shift work schedules around. A supplier suffered an unexpected delay in getting you the materials you need, and now, you need to have your team members shift their job duties or their timeline around. Perhaps you need volunteers to help with a new project, or you need someone who can work overnight for a few days while you work on a specific project. 

Pronto makes all of those communications easy.

Not only can you quickly and easily send out communications that reach all the members of your team at the same time, but your team members can also respond to that information on the same thread. Have a question about the progress on a job site? All the subcontractors can chime in and even help troubleshoot potential problems for one another. Need a volunteer to pick up a specific shift or volunteers to make up an overnight crew? You can keep up with who has answered and even get a look at who absolutely cannot fill those specific roles, all in one easy-to-access location.

Onboard New Hires More Effectively

Onboarding new hires on a construction site can be a challenge–especially when you have new hires that may never have worked on a construction site before. Construction sites have their own unique sets of rules, regulations, and requirements. There’s specific safety gear that has to be worn, specific procedures that have to be used, and rules in place that prevent unauthorized people from wandering around your construction site, especially during busy, dangerous times of the day. Then there are the specific policies held by your construction company: not just safety policies, but policies related to time off and lunches when team members can clock off for the day, and even what cleanup has to be done on the site before team members can head out. 

All of that information takes time to convey to a new hire. While there are some things that they can only pick up by doing them, there’s a lot of information that can be shared in other ways, including a platform like Pronto. 

Pronto makes onboarding easier in several key ways. 

You can store documents and files to make it easy for new hires to access vital information.

Your documents and files, which should be accessible to all team members, can contain vital information about your job and your policies. For example, that could be the ideal place to include information about your benefits, your safety requirements, and your policy regarding sick days, and how employees should take care of calling in. Those documents aren’t just vital for new hires, they’re also a great reference for people who may have been members of your team for a long time. 

New hires can easily ask any questions they might have.

Often, new hires struggle to get answers to their questions. They might feel embarrassed to ask, for example, how long they’re allowed to be gone for lunch, or what they should do if they get sick unexpectedly. Often, new hires aren’t sure who to ask. Sometimes, someone on the construction site will take them under their wing and provide them with that vital information. Other times, however, they may feel as though they’re stuck on their own–and they might not be entirely sure what to do next. With Pronto, new hires can easily get in touch with both their peers and their bosses, which means they can more easily get answers to their questions. 

You can provide information to new hires without requiring someone on the job site to provide immediate training.

The beauty of Pronto is simple: it helps free up workers on the job site so that they can stay focused on their jobs, rather than having to focus on a new hire who might be struggling to get started. Instead of slowing things down, new employees can take time to review that information before they ever head out to the job site for their first day–and they can get a better feel for what questions they might have so they can ask them early.

Organize Supplies and Inventory

It takes a lot of supplies and inventory to complete a construction project. Not only do you need the specific, consumable supplies necessary to complete a given project, but you may also need to keep up with the specific tools or heavy equipment needed on each job site. All too often, those supplies go missing unexpectedly–and inevitably, they disappear when you need them most. Which job site did they get left on? Who last used that piece of equipment?

Not only does Pronto make it easier to keep up with that vital inventory, but it can also make it easier to keep track of who is going to need the equipment next and where it needs to go. Often, that can streamline delivery so that there are fewer delays.

Keep Your Team Connected

Often, the members of different construction crews can feel disconnected, especially when a great deal of time passes between opportunities to work with one another. They may have a hard time keeping up with what is happening in each other’s lives or even what might be happening on another job site. Nevertheless, your crews are part of a unified team–whether they’re working on the same job site or spread out across the state. Often, however, they can struggle to develop the vital sense of connection and camaraderie they need when they’re far apart.

Pronto helps change all of that. With Pronto, employees can connect with everyone in the company with ease. They can keep up with one another in a regular group chat, eliminating some of the obstacles between them and creating a more effective platform that everyone can be part of. 

Even better, that connection through Pronto means that your team members can collaborate, address potential problems, and work together to come up with solutions. Instead of crews being isolated on their specific job sites, they can connect with everyone within your company at the same time. That may mean more minds for troubleshooting, more people who can pick up an extra shift or put in some overtime on a project that’s behind schedule, and more expertise all in one place–all of which can add up to a much more efficient way of addressing problems and concerns. 

Pronto also means that team members back at the office and team members in the field are just as connected to one another as they are to the people right beside them. That simple connection can make troubleshooting, getting answers to questions, or dealing with the snarls that inevitably arise on your site much easier.

Are you looking for a communication solution that will help keep your team members connected no matter where they are, providing them with easy access to one another and the office? Pronto can help. Contact us today for a free demonstration.